Sunday, December 23, 2012

Foodie Wedding

Lobster Claw served on a Corn Cake with Chili Verde by 24 Carrots Catering.
I consider myself a FOODIE. How about you? I'm not sure where the term "foodie" came from, but I imagine it in the dictionary with a picture of you and me.
Beef Short Rib on a Bed of Lentils with Baby Carrots by Ebell of Los Angeles
If you're reading this, you found your way to my blog and website, and my passion for weddings is obvious. My second love is food. I love cooking and eating. I'm constantly searching for new flavors and wine pairings. My TiVO is always set to The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and Bravo. If I buy another cook book, my husband is going to kill me! Can you guess my favorite show? It's Top Chef. Tom Coliichio is my idol. I've even eaten at his restaurant Craft Steak in Vegas. I told you, I'm obsessed!
Executive Chef Louis Pecan of The Ebell of Los Angeles
My chosen profession, and my obsession are a marriage made in heaven. I have the luxury of working with the best caterers and chefs in Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Diego and Las Vegas. They love to entertain wedding planners, and unveil their latest cutting edge offerings. Many of which are interactive. Both Jay's Catering and TGIS Catering offer an exhibition PAELLA. The smell of the garlic and threads of saffron cooking while guests watch, is a religious experience to me. I love this image of Chef Wende Gavin of Jay's Catering, making Paella. Have you ever seen a pan that big?
One of Many Vegan Options by Summit Event Catering
Of course, food is personal. Everyone has a different palate, favorite dishes and sensitivities. Chefs are more aware than ever of VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, and GLUTEN FREE needs. The Chefs at Summit Event Catering are proving that Vegan can be both delicious, and appealing to the eye, by creating dishes that are tailored to this emerging trend.
Love in the form of Empanadas by TGIS Catering

My favorite recent trend is to treat your posse to LATE NIGHT SNACKS. I lovingly call it Drunk Food. Before you send them home, sober them up. Tray pass Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Sliders, or Flat Bread Pizza Bites. Don't forget the Vanilla Bean Milk Shake Shot. If your guests are foodies, they will appreciate delicious food as a send off.

I have to stop writing now, because I just made myself hungry. And, it's time to rub my salted turkeys and flip them. Tomorrow we'll fry them in Canola oil, flavored with Rosemary and Garlic.

May the holidays bring you joy, peace and love.....and delicious food. If you became engaged over the holiday and want a wedding planner that loves food as much as me. I'll pair you with the perfect venue and caterer that considers food an art.

P.S. Stay tuned and we'll soon talk about food and wine pairing. I can't wait!

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