Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Bands - Ultimate Personalization

Congratulations on your engagement. I hope that you're enjoying the wedding planning process. Soon you and your fiance will be looking at wedding bands. Besides the gown, the flowers, and even the menu....the most significant symbol of your union will be your wedding rings.

Recently my clients Rita and Charles chose The Fingerprint Wedding Rings. The wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of unity. Origins of the wedding ring can be found in Egyptian history. With no beginning and no end, the circle is unbroken, and like time is eternal. The finger in which the ring is worn, bears emotianal significance as well. The Egyptians and Greeks believe that the vein of the left finger travels directly to the heart. It was considered the "Vein of Love".

Rita and Charles took the wedding ring one step further. Their wedding rings contain each other's fingerprints. Even when they aren't together, they carry each other with them. They have taken the ultimate symbol of love and PERSONALIZED it even further. I can't imagine a more significant way to show your commitment. It goes beyond touches your heart. LITERALLY!

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