Monday, April 11, 2011

Photojournalism - What Does It Really Mean?

The current "buzzword" in wedding photography is PHOTOJOURNALISM. Every photographer you meet says they shoot in a "photojournalistic style". But what does it mean? Most couples I meet say it means the photographer won't pose them, but instead shoot "real moments". Many of the photographers I work with strive to do this very thing. And I applaud them for it. I love seeing my couples represented as their true selves. Laughing, crying, smiling...that's the real deal.

Get ready for the real definition of PHOTOJOURALISM. When broken it's two words together. PHOTO...well that's pretty self explanatory. It's a photograph right? Now let's look at JOURNALISM...Wikipedia defines it as "the practice of investigation and reporting of events, issues, and trends to a broad audience." When we put these words together, they are a "reporting" of events through photography. I've recently met an amazing duo who embodies both words, and has taken wedding photojournalism, and elevated it to it's truest form.

WriteShot Photography is a husband and wife duo, that is passionate about photographing your wedding, and writing your story. Natasha Chornesky and Chris Cozzone, have 20 years of combined experience in journalism, photojournalism, and graphic design. They aren't only photographers, they are writers. They shoot your wedding, interview you, your family members, and your friends. Using all of their talents, they document how you met, fell in love, grew as a couple, and came to be married. When they finish weaving their magic, you receive the most amazing bound book. It's a photo album, it's a novel....I don't know what to call it, except PURE GENIUS.

If you want PHOTOJOURNALISM in it's truest form...look no further than Write Shot. They are avalailable for weddings throughout the United States, and WorldWide.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful post. That video is a tiny slice of US. That's how we look. It's what we do--we're always engaged in some type of mental gymnastics, debating and developing ideas. We drink a lot of coffee; and we have a ton of fun no matter where we are, even if we're freezing our butts off! The video feels like us and that's where we take our clients--to a place where they are celebrating exactly who they are and what they are feeling.

    No props. No script. No re-dos. Our clients don't need them. They are beautiful as is and their stories are amazing. When a couple has their book in their hands the first time, we know we've nailed it when they tell us their book looks and feels like them.

    It's an amazing feeling to be trusted with a couple's story. I still get chills running up and down my spine as I proof each book.

    Thank you, Jeannie, for opening your mind, eyes and heart to WriteShot.