Friday, December 3, 2010

Tramon + Cigar = COOL

What does this picture say to you? To me it looks like a magazine ad for cigars and cool. It oozes of cool. These very stylish gentlemen are enjoying friendship and the taste of a fine stogie. The main subject is in the center. See how he looks at the camera? He appears to be saying "I'm confident, content.....satisfied". Is it possible that a cigar made him feel this way?

I happen to know the answer to this question. He is content because he is a groom who just married his dream woman. Tramon and Mayra married last month at The Museum of Latin American Art, in Long Beach. He was a groom that was involved in every aspect of his wedding. I was honored to be their wedding planner, and I enjoyed every minute of it. He wanted Mayra to have the wedding of her dreams, and he went out of his way to give it to her.

He also took care of his boys and guests by providing them a Cigar Bar and lounge. It's was Ultra Cool, like him. The couple's love of cigars even played a role in their floral decor. But you'll have to wait for those photos.

Natalie Moser Photography provided this sneek peek photo. She is brilliant with a camera. She captured Tramon perfectly. We're drooling to see the rest. Wait till you see the photos of the LA Street Dogs. This Latin Inspired wedding was stylish, hip and unique. Check back soon for more.

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