Saturday, April 21, 2012

Groom's Corner - Tasting & Cigar Bars

Hey guys..why are you letting your fiance have all the fun? It's your BIG DAY too. Get involved in the planning, and put your personal stamp on the wedding day. I don't mean picking out flowers and linens, or deciding on the favors your guest will take home. I'm talking about something just for you.

Imagine your reception. It's lovely, everyone has eaten and the dancing has begun. But it's hot in that suit you're wearing. You want to escape outside with the boys. Wouldn't this be a great place to set up a cigar bar and liquor station? Don't get bent out of shape if the girls want to join the party. Because let's face it. Cigars are still SEXY. In fact sexier than ever. So are liquor bars. I suggest a rum, tequila or scotch tasting bar.

How can you be the coolest host, and have a cigar bar regardless of your budget? Follow my simple tips below, and your party will be better than the rest.

Big Budget - Hire a cigar roller. They come to your wedding day with tobacco leaves and cigar blends. Guests can watch them roll a cigar just for them. That's first class.
Medium Budget - Cigar companies will come to your wedding with 3 - 5 specific cigars varieties. They are usually set up on a table where the attendance will cut and light their cigar.
Modest Budget - Buy your own boxes of cigars and set them up on a table for the reception. Have matches and cigar cutters available for your guests. Everyone just helps themselves and enjoys the fun.

Maybe cigars aren't your thing. Try the latest trend that has taken over clubs all over LA and Orange County hip spots. Unless you're hiding under a rock, you've tried hookah. Even I have. You can actually rent them for your own wedding. The service comes complete with an attendant who will help you choose your flavor of tobacco and light the hookah.

Before you decide to have a cigar or hookah bar, there are a few things you need to consider:

You’ll need a wedding venue with an outside area.
  • Have your planner check the local rules about smoking near entryways and window.
  • Create a lounge in the outdoor area with rented furniture.
  • Be prepared to sign a damage waiver on the rentals.
  • Customizing matchboxes is a great photo-op and take away from the wedding.
  • The area will gain a life of its own.
  • Get regular cigars for the guys, petite cigars for the ladies.
  • If using hookah, make sure to choose varieties of tobacco all of your guests will enjoy.
I've enjoyed sharing images of some of our previous events. Hopefully, they inspired you to get outside and have fun.

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