Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations William & Kate

Prince William drives his wife, Kate,...

Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I watched The Royal Wedding with giddy delight. Prince William and Kate Middleton looked so in love. I'm thrilled that they shared their joy with the world today. It was a royal wedding filled with pomp and circumstance. But what I found most refreshing was the modern touches and the geniune love they showed for each other today.

Instead of an elaborate affair, I felt that they both showed great respect and grace. With every luxury at her disposal, Kate chose to do her own make-up and hair. I love that about her. She's was a beautiful bride, but stayed true to herself. Her gown was designed by Sarah Burton, for Alexander McQueen. The gown was modern and modest for a princess bride. It also had a timeless quality to it. It's a gown that could be worn throughout the ages.

There are a few things about the wedding that caught my attention. I hope they will become trends for modern brides in the near future. Here they are:

  • She only had one bridesmaid, and William only had one Groomsman. They chose the two people who are closest to them and attended to them with great care. I love that they didn't feel the need to choose a huge entourage. American couples worry about this aspect of their weddings. Don't choose a cousin, or a childhood friend out of obligation. Those who attend to you on your wedding day, should be chosen because of their love and dedication to you.
  • Kate didn't choose a formal updo for her hair style. She looked fresh and natural. More than anything, she looked like Kate. The photos will live on forever, and show that she looked like herself, just more radiant.
  • Kate wore the Queen's Elizabeth's tiara. It was given to Elizabeth by her mother, on her 18th birthday. This is a display of respect for William's family, and a nod to the importance of TRADITION. Of course we don't all have a tiara that is passed down through generations. However if you ask any of the women in your families, to lend you something, they would be thrilled. Perhaps it's a bracelet you can wear, a broach you can attach to your bouquet, or a garter. Not only does it fulfull the something borrowed TRADITION, it's a lovely token of affection to show. Maybe you have a traditional item in your family already. Maybe not. How about starting one of your own? After all, every TRADITION started somewhere.
  • William drove Kate to their reception in his car. Sure William has an Aston Martin. The car isn't what's important. The gesture is. What a great way to spend some time alone before the reception and all the formalities begin. It's hard to find any time alone on your wedding day...this is the perfect way to do it. Allow your new husband to drive you to the party. It's the perfect time to reflect on your new union. Let the bridal party follow you. This day is about the two of you. Relish in the moment and enjoy.
From the fashion, to the cake....The Royal Weddings will affect weddings throughout the world. I hope you will consider some of the trends created by William and Kate. Every bride and groom are a Prince and Princess....we hope your wedding is Royal and filled with every bit of love we saw today at The Royal Wedding.

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  1. Hi Jeannie!
    While I have to admit that I skipped the live event I have taken in all the recaps and the photos, news coverage, etc. throughout the day.

    I LOVE what you have done here! By highlighting some of the ways that the Royals handled the traditions of their wedding and applying it to the US market you are encouraging Brides & Grooms everywhere to break out of the restrictions and expectations and embrace the idea of unique! It's one day, unlike any other and each couple is so different that they should take the opportunity to consider how each and every aspect can reflect who they are and what is important to them.

    Great stuff! (Of course I expect that whenever I stop by here!)