Sunday, October 10, 2010

Donate Your Wedding Gown

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can see the signature color of the cause everywhere you look. Pink can be seen on clothing, billlboards and television commercials. Even the NFL is getting in on the support. Most teams are wearing pink on the grid iron.

How can you help to make a difference? Consider your wedding gown. It's an emotional investment that will be seen for only one day. What can you do with it after? You could preserve it and pack it away in your attic or closet. You know...cause your daughter will want to wear it someday right? Ask yourself this question. Do you want to wear your mother's wedding gown for your big day? Most likely not. Another choice is to Trash The Dress. What a fun and creative experience that would be. You've seen them all over online blogs and magazines. But do either of these options make you feel GOOD?

Brides Against Breast Cancer has a better option. This non-profit organization accepts and sells gently used wedding gowns in sales throughout the country. The proceeds are then used grant wishes to women and their families suffering from this life-threatening disease. Visit their website to learn more about the work they do.

Click here for more information about Making Memories
The Brides Against Breast Cancer organization accepts and sells gently used wedding gowns in sales throughout the country. You might be thinking "I've paid thousands of dollars for my dream gown, how can I just give it away"? Your donation is a tax deductable donation. Not only are you doing the "right thing", your getting a tax break. This concept just keeps getting better, right? Your gown is giving to someone else, and giving a little back to you.

If you can't part with your wedding gown, but want to do your part in some way, consider making donations on behalf or your guests, instead of giving them wedding favors. I would be honored to receive this card instead of a boxed chocolate or a trinket I'll never use.

Please consider donating your gown, your time, or making a donation to this worthwhile cause. Giving back to the world is a great way to start a marriage.

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