Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Fabulous Five

Gianna SanFilippo, Christina Wright, Candice Bradley, Gloria McCune and Me

The event planning world has given me an opportunity to meet some special people, quite often my competition. Competition doesn't threaten me. Instead I look at these professionals as an asset to my business. I prefer to cultivate relationships with my "friendly competition". By sharing resources, advice, and support, we raise the level of professionalism to the entire industry.
One of these planners Candice Bradley of De Lovely Events became the Event Planning Chair of The Southern California Chapter of Wish Upon A Wedding. She asked me to be a part of her EVENT PLANNING COMMITTEE. She invited three other planners, Gianna SanFillipo of Chic Celebrations, Christina Wright of Simply Modern Weddings, and Gloria McCune of Grand Engagements, to join her, and BAM a DREAM TEAM was born.

Wish Upon A Wedding grants weddings to couples facing life threatening illness. Our committee plans the events that raise awareness and funds for this worthwhile charity. The five of us put our talents and strengths together to design and execute spectacular events.

Wish Upon A Wedding LAUNCH PARTY at 7Degrees in Laguna Beach

I've added some photos to show off what we've done together. These events have been successful and beautiful. Planning them has been challenging and intense at times. But more than anything we've had fun. I mean how hard is it when you're working with five girlfriends...often times over wine. Ah good memories!!

We are currently planning the 2011 Blissful Wish Ball. It takes place next week, on September 21st. We have all been working furiously to create a Gala with a ROYAL AFFAIR theme, at The Richard Nixon Presidential Library. Our 200 guests will be blown away AGAIN!

This event will be bittersweet for me. We five, will stand together HAND IN HAND. We'll be filled with pride at this GALA we've created. But,  I'll be heartbroken. For this will be the last event the five of us plan together. I've come to love and respect each one of these women. We share the same experiences in our careers, yet we are all from different back rounds. Different ages, different cultures, different family dynamics. We're different. However, we're alike in our passion for our work, and in our affection and support for one another.

Our support of this organization will remain constant. Candice becomes the Vice President of our Southern California Chapter. Gloria McCune becomes the new Event Planning Committee Chair. I am thrilled to become the Fundraising Chair. As Board Members we will still be working towards the same goal of raising funds for Wish Upon A Wedding. But it will be different. I know change is good, but I can't help but feel sentimental.

This post may seem a bit self indulgent to some. Others will say I'm crazy for bringing attention to my competition. But I write it with affection, recognition, and honor to these four women. Candice, Gianna, Christina, and Gloria...THANK YOU. Thanks for the friendship, support, laughter and love you've brought to my life. The best thing that has come out of this committee for me, besides knowing I'm doing something for others, is that I know you'll be my FRIENDS for a life time.

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