Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Escort Cards - The Basics

Are you working on your seating arrangements? Busy making sure you seat your friends and family at the proper tables? Great job. I'm proud of you. Whew, that's out of the way. But how will they know where to site when they arrive? You should have an escort card table near the entrance to your reception. Sounds pretty simple, huh?

Consider the escort cards themselves. How many do you need? How should the name(s) be written? Alot depends on the formality of your wedding. Most people assume that they need the exact number of cards as the number of guests they have invited. Not so. Keep track of your guest list and use that as your guide. Many of your guests may be coming as couples, many as families. One card can be written out per couple or family. The cards can have the name of the couple as John and Mary Jones, or Mr. and Mr. John Jones. The formality depends on you and the style of your wedding.

Another important thing to consider is how they should be displayed. Most people will go to the escort card table and expect to find their seat according to their last name. Many couples think the cards should be arranged by table. Not true. This actually slows down the entire process, creating a long line at the table. Have someone assigned to assist guests in finding their card quickly. If you have a wedding coordinator, they will handle this for you.

Have fun with your escort cards. Think creatively. You don't necessarily need to use cards. You can use river rocks, luggage tags. Be original and tie them into your theme.

Whether you hire a calligrapher, write them yourself, or print them on your home computer, remember to have a plan that will ensure an easy transition for your guests.

Happy Planning.

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