Monday, October 4, 2010

Wedding Shoes - Speak Volumes

You are an individual. Your shoes reflect that. The shoes you choose for your wedding day are no different. In recent years, brides have chosen to express their personality through their shoes. The old rules no longer apply. Just because your dress is white, your shoes aren't required to be. Today's bride's enjoy wearing shoes that reflect fun. Your guests will get a delightful surprise when you lift your dress for your garter toss, when they see bright, colorful and interesting shoes.

We've been delighted to find that most of our clients are choosing to wear colorful shoes. That's my personal favorite. Wedding Jeannie says let your wedding colors dictate your shoe selection. Whether your color is pink, purple, blue or red.....add that splash of color into your attire through your footwear.

We're even finding grooms getting in on the fun. Erin and Khaled above chose to enhance their traditional attire through their shoes. We loved Erin's royal blue shoes and Khaled's Vans.

Choose to keep them a secret, or show them off like Kristie (above) did. It's nothing radical. Just a little hint of your personality. It gives you a little boost of confidence.

The formality of your wedding dictates what style of shoes your should wear. Catherine had a very informal wedding in the back yard of her families home. She felt comforable and confident in her gold flip flops that complimented her short and sassy gown. Her friends and family know her to be fun and uncomplicated. I think her shoes spoke volumes about her.

Finding your dream wedding gown is only half of the fun. Go out and pick the shoes that match your gown, your style and your personality. Wedding Jeannie start talkin!

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