Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Jeannie Knows - Groom Style

Wedding Jeannie knows Grooms Style. And we want to share what we know with you. Never before have grooms been more fashion savvy. They cringe at the thought of renting a traditional tuxedo for themselves and their groomsmen. In fact, many are buying a quality suit that they can wear again. How many bridesmaids can claim that luxury? And why not? The bride shouldn't be the only one in the spotlight.

How can your groom customize his wedding day look? We love how our groom Will above chose to wear a wool blend suit with a simple tie. It was a dressed up, but casual look for his beach front wedding on the sand.

If your groom still wants a traditional tuxedo rental, there a many accessories available to reflect his individuality. Socks have been trending for many years, and they are still here, and here to stay. Socks are enjoying a new resurgence thanks to that famous Kardashian, Rob. His new line of men's trouser socks launched just in time for the 2013 season.

The Arthur George by Robert Kardashian Collection boasts a large selection of socks that scream individuality. They are the perfect gift for your groomsmen to wear on the big day. At one of our recent weddings, they did just that. By the time the dancing started, they had all rolled up their pants to proudly show off their socks.

Grooms have their eye on the Red Carpet for wedding inspiration. Fueled by the "hipster" look, bow ties are now the latest trend in showcasing individuality. Let's hear it for the boys at The Golden Globes. They showed that the once forgotten bow tie can be fresh. Our New Years Eve groom wore a black and white bow tie that would make these leading mean jealous. All of his groomsmen wore them too. But each was different in some way. All were shades of black, white and grey to match their theme. Some had stripes, other dots, but all reflected the personality of the gentleman who wore them.

Where can you find bow ties that have personality? Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson has a website called The Tie Bar, just for you. Ferguson has a whimsical line of designer bow ties, and an online store to make buying easy. The sales on the site go to charity, in support of same sex marriage. To round out your look, he also carries pocket squares and cuff links. Why not splurge on a polished look? After all, you only get married once, don't let the bride have all the fun. If you're a little freaked out about how to tie one, well Jesse has you covered. He has a YouTube video tutorial to walk you through it. With a little practice, you'll be a pro.

We loved sharing the latest trends and keeping you in THE KNOW.

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