Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wedding Jeannie Knows

A new year has emerged. 2013 is on track to be one of the most exciting for Wedding Jeannie. I'm celebrating by creating a new series just for you. It's called WEDDING JEANNIE KNOWS. Knows what, you're wondering. When in comes to weddings Jeannie is a KNOW IT ALL! Every two weeks I'll tell you what I know about Fashion & Style, Wedding Gowns, Vendor Selection, Floral Design, Food & Beverage, Budgets, Savings....basically everything relating to weddings. If you want to know, you should subscribe to our blog and check back often. Why? Because you want to be IN THE KNOW.

Our first in KNOW feature will be GROOM STYLE, and you can read it tomorrow. If your groom is a fashion plate, and wants to know how to stand out when he's waiting for you at the altar, it's a must read. He'll learn about suit and tux styles, how to accessorize with ties, bow ties, cuff links, and even socks.

Come on by tomorrow and return every two weeks for more KNOWledge.. I'm looking forward to it, and you will to.

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