Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miranda Lambert's Gown - Something Borrowed

Photo courtesy of US Magazine

Country Music stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton wed a few weeks ago. There are so many things about their wedding that I love. Cowboy boots for the bridesmaids, a barn ceremony, and Blake wore jeans! I love that he was true to himself.

My favorite part of their wedding was that Miranda wore her mother's wedding gown. This is not the right choice for every bride, of course. But if you want to add the ultimate "something borrowed" to your day, take a page from Miranda. Because her mother wore this gown 33 years ago, she felt the gown was a good luck charm.

Is Miranda starting a new trend? Maybe...but so are Wedding Jeannie brides. Two of our brides did it before Miranda.

When our bride Janet, married Greg in Big Bear, she chose to wear the wedding gown her mother wore in The Philippines years before. She had the gown altered slightly to modernize it, and to suit her figure. I love the photo of her parents looking at her lovingly in the gown. Can you imagine the honor her mother felt?

Another example is our bride Mayra. Her mother married shortly before she did, and they shared the gown. She saved money, and honored her mother. That's a smart bride.

There you have it. Stay on the cutting edge with Miranda Lambert and Wedding Jeannie brides. If you're planning to wear your mother's gown, we'd love to hear about it.

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