Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pinterest & Your Wedding

Unless you've been stranded on an island with no form of communication, you've heard of Pinterest. Maybe you've heard of it, but aren't sure what it is. Pinterest is an invitation only, photo sharing site. It gives you the ability to create inspiration boards by category.

In a very short time Pinterest has become the #1 resource for brides researching ideas for their weddings. Why has it become so popular? There are many reasons. First and foremost we live in a world of rapidly changing technology. Through our smart phones and tablets, we can access the internet like never before. Pinterest has apps for both of these media.

In the past when I've met a bride planning her wedding she would come to me armed with stacks of bridal magazines, or a binder filled with photos. Now, when I meet with brides, they come to me with tablet in hand. They immediately show me their Pinterest page filled with inspiration for flowers, gowns, hairstyles, and oh so much more. It's quickly becoming the preferred source for planning, over publications. Not to say it's not magical to hold a glossy magazine in your hand. But let's admit it, it's much easier to carry your tablet with all your inspiration organized neatly and beautifully, all in one place.

On a recent design meeting with one of my clients, and florists, Pinterest was the key factor in a seamless meeting. Our bride and our florist both used their IPads and Pinterest pages to hone in on the brides perfect vision for her day.

Wedding Jeannie has a Pinterest page as well. Here, you'll learn a bit more about me. You'll learn about my favorite foods, my clothing style, people who inspire me, and of course our real weddings.

As you plan your wedding, I encourage you to use Pinterest. It will help you to show your vendors exactly what you want, leaving nothing to chance. Be careful not to give away to much information. You wouldn't want to post a picture of your actual gown, as many of your wedding guests may be following you. If used wisely it's a valuable tool. It's the new frontier in wedding planning.

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Happy Pinning. I'll see you there!

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