Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cupcakes Go Couture

Elaborate Cupcake Display by Vanilla Bake Shop

Have you seen the latest reports about WHAT'S HOT AND WHAT'S NOT? Wedding publications and blogs are saying that cupcakes are no longer hot! Someone forgot to tell my clients. Cupcakes were seen at many of our 2011 weddings. I get to attend industry events every month, and guess who is still making an appearance? That's right, the sophisticated cupcake. As a matter of fact, my 2012 clients are still asking for them.

Instead of going out of style, cupcakes bakers are getting more design savvy in their displays. Bakers understand that modern couples are very aware of their wedding theme and style. Brides are pushing them to become more creative. If a traditional wedding cake doesn't excite you, work with your bake shop in creating a display that shows off your style and theme. Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica showed us how, at the wedding of Halisi and Dan in Malibu. They created a black and white damask cake stand to display their delicious treats. The fabric used matched the couples paper suite, as well as their color scheme. It had the drama and height of a wedding cake, as well as the elegance. Did I mention the mini cupcakes were divine? The red velvet were the biggest hit of the night.

Cupcakes were only one element of this beautiful wedding. Guests enjoyed a ceremony on the sand with magnificence of the ocean as the backdrop. I can't resist sharing a few photos of this joyful couple, provided by Carissa Woo Photography.

Take a cue from Halisi and Dan. Cupcakes are STILL HOT!

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