Sunday, October 16, 2011

E Session - Yesenia & Ernesto in Downtown LA

Say hello to Yesenia & Ernesto. Are they gorgeous or what? I'm so excited to be their wedding planner. When I met Yesenia, I immediately loved her appreciation of Downtown Los Angeles. Not only do they both live and work in The City of The Angels, they've chosen the city for their ceremony and reception.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of The Angeles will be their ceremony site. The reception will follow at one of the city's historical gems, Cicada Restaurant. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous venues...and now a gorgeous Engagement Session. Thank you to Wedding 64 for these beautiful images. I'm proud to show off this beautiful couple and this beautiful city. Come on June....HURRY UP.


  1. Beautiful shots! I like that it's different than the typical downtown LA engagement session. Gorgeous and more importantly, really nice couple!

  2. I really like your post, both couple looks very beautiful. I also want to know which downtown la wedding venues are best for my wedding.