Sunday, January 30, 2011

White By Vera Wang

Dress prices from left: $1400, $1200, and $700.
"White by Vera Wang"

The name "Vera Wang" is synonymous with "Wedding Gowns". I can't tell you how often our brides dream of a Vera for their wedding day. Luxury is the key word in describing a Vera Wang gown. Known as the celebrity wedding gown designer of the rich and famous, it seems Vera has shifted her sensibilities.

Ms. Wang has partnered with David's Bridal to launch an exclusive line for their stores, called "White By Vera Wang". The full line will be available for purchase on February 11, 2011. You can see a collection of photographs and videos at The David's Bridal website. The gowns and accessories are priced from $600 - $1400.

Wedding Jeannie finds them to be very haute couture and modern. The designs are soft, flirty and feminine. The Vera Wang brand is represented beautifully. Each on of these gowns says luxury and timeless style.

We look forward to seeing them in person. I'm sure you're excited about it too!

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