Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Inspiration

Bridesmaid's bouquets of rust colored Calla Lilies

Happy first day of October. If you're like me and you live in Southern California, it's hard to imagine fall as we experience a heat wave. I'm ready for the heat to be over, and I'm dreaming of cooler Autumn days. To help you get in the mood, I'm sharing some photos of FALL INSPIRED EVENTS we've done.

If your planning a fall wedding, there are a few key buzzwords to r. RICH, WARM, LUSH, ABUNDANCE, area all words that make up a FALL WEDDING theme. Include produce on your table, and even in your bouquet.

Nature comes to mind when thinking about FALL WEDDINGS. Our beautiful couple above took a photo in front of a fig tree at their fall wedding. The bride even chose a beautiful sash to compliment her gown in warm espresso color.

What colors should bridesmaids wear in fall? There are many rich colors available, such as, plum, chocolate brown, copper, burgundy and even gold. The beauty of these shades is they look great on almost every complexion.

FALL WEDDINGS can be so much fun. Warm your guests when they arrive by providing a warm cider and tea station. After dinner, serve hot chocolate. For table adornments use pumpkins, pears, or apples. Consider serving butternut squash soup as a starter. Imagine an herbed chicken entree with a rich plum sauce. Maybe you prefer a filet with fall vegetables and sweet potato puree. I'm making myself hungry!

As I sit here in Los Angeles in the cool air conditioner, I dream of Fall. Together we can dream of crisp cool days, leaves changing color, warm inviting cuisine, and a romantic wedding day filled with richness and color. What are you waiting for? Let's get started today. I can't wait!

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