Monday, December 13, 2010

Green Wedding? Got Wine?

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It's a known fact...I LOVE WINE. Wine snob? Absolutely not. I'm open to trying all types of wine, regardless of region, brand, or price. Wine should be appealing to your pallete..plain and simple. Wine plays a starring role at most weddings. When you sit down with your catering manager to develop your menu, wine pairing must be considered. Your catering manager will have many choices available to you.

What if your planning a GREEN WEDDING?  You may be able to purchase a gently worn gown, find eco-friendly stationery, give re-usable favors, and work with vendors who follow GREEN practices. All elements you can feel good about on your wedding day.

Wine should also play a part in your GREEN WEDDING plans. I decided to experiment...just for you! I was on a mission to find a great tasting and ECO FRIENDLY WINE. Oh the hard work. The things I do for the sake of research! But seriously I found THE ONE.

Introducing Flourish Vineyards. Flourish wines are all made from organically grown grapes, inspired by the desire to provide environmentally sustainable alternatives. Flourish offers choices in white and red to compliment any menu. Butterflies grace their labels. Another nod to their desire to honor the eco-system.

Take it from me, the wine is excellent. I enjoyed a wonderful Pinot Grigio with Penne and cream sauce, and a rich Cabernet Savignon with a warm beef stew. Flourish wines are consistenly rated 88 points and higher. Rest assured, I've done the research for you, and can confidently say that Florish wines are the perfect eco-friendly option for your wedding.

I raise a glass to you, your marriage and your GREEN WEDDING. Cheers!

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