Thursday, November 17, 2011

E-Session Knieya & Wes

Meet Knieya and Wes. Aren't they stunning? Our first consultation was so much fun. I felt completely at ease with them. They must have felt it too, because they wasted no time in hiring me. Knieya has so many ideas for her wedding, and needs someone to help her bring them all together. I'm thrilled to be designing and planning with them. They are so in love and you can feel it. Their eyes lit up as Knieya told me the story of how they met. Best part of that conversation was watching Wes. He was smiling from ear to ear, and I could feel they joy this woman brings to his life.

As you can see, they have a very distinctive personal style. I like to think of it as "Hippy meets High Fashion". This is really who they are. They exude an organic and soulful, yet high fashion attitude. Knieya wants her wedding to reflect that style. They've chosen The Ebell Club of Long Beach as their venue. Lucky for them and me, as this means their caterer will be Jay's Catering. My creative juices are beginning to flow as I begin to create inspiration boards of a 1960's theme, that exudes warmth, and casual elegance. I'm giddy, like a child. Dare I say A FLOWER CHILD.

When Knieya sent me images of their conceptual engagement session, I was drooling. They are courtesy of their photographer Malyssa Harelson of M Heart Photography. As I view more and more of her work, I'm moved. Her photography conveys depth, texture, sensuality, and sincerity.

Thank you Knieya and Wes. You've given me so much inspiration. I'm ready to run with it.

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