Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Themed Wedding - Sneek Peek

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I love a good book. Don't you? Molly and Travis started their romance through their love of books. When they began planning their home wedding, all they knew was they wanted a garden theme with purple flowers. Once I learned more about them, I proposed the idea of incorporating their love of books into their day. They fell in love with it, and gave me carte blanche to have fun with it. Molly's father owns hundreds of beautiful books. We raided his bookshelves, and used them on tables instead of table numbers, filled them in a vintage bookshelf with place cards, even made a base for their cake on books. The images are gorgeous. For now, I can only give you a little teaser.

The image was provided by Cherie Steinberg of CherieFoto. She's not just a photographer, but an artist. I dying to share all the images with you. Check back soon.

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