Monday, June 13, 2011

A Scarlet O'Hara Moment

Photo Courtesy of Picotte Photography
 I had to share this photo because I adore it. My bride Rita allowed me the honor of lacing her into her wedding gown. She had only had one bridesmaid, and she lived out of state. Her beautiful A-Line gown featured a stunning lace corset down the back. Since her attendant couldn't attend the final fitting, the honor was all mine. I love how Suthi Picotte of Picotte Photography captured my intensity. I'm not gonna hands were shaking at the outset. But once I got going, it was a breeze. How did I do?

Last week, I attended my bride Krisi's final fitting. She also has a lace corset on her gown. Guess who get's to lace her in? That would be me. It's these little moments that I love about my job.

Lacing a corset is not as easy as it looks. If your gown requires you to be laced in, make sure you take along your maid of honor, or someone you trust to handle the pressure on wedding day. Or, just call me...I'd love to be of service.

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  1. Fantastic job Jeannie... you clearly love what you do!