Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Weddings - The Basics

Our lovely couple Catherine & Salil shared their union with 85 of their closest friends in the home of Catherine's parents. She also planned from Boston with Wedding Jeannie handling the details here. What a perfect day!

Home Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love in a familiar place. There is a warmth in knowing that you can be married in the place that holds your most cherished memories. The elements of a home wedding are very complex. So before you start sending out the invitations...consider the challenges you will face. 

·    Parking: Can your neighborhood street accommodate the amount of parking spaces your guest list will require? Will your neighbors be willing to allow your guests to park in front of their homes? Consider a valet company that can secure a parking lot in your neighborhood and provide your guests with valet service. Transportation companies can also specify a designated pick up location and bring your guests to your front door, as well as pick them up at the end of the night.

·    Space: Is there enough space to accommodate all of your guests, a ceremony area, seating and food service?

·    Bathroom Facilities: Does the home have enough bathrooms for your guests? Do you want 100 or more people coming into your home to use them? If not, consider portable toilets. There are several reputable companies in the Southern California area that carry very clean and discreet looking units.

·    Weather: In Southern California we are lucky to have such fabulous weather. On occassion we do have rain, and a contingency plan may be in order. Is there enough room for a tent in case of rain? Tents start at $7,000 and can be up to $14,000 or more.

·    Noise Ordinances: Each city has regulations. Most municipalities require that you shut down amplified music at 10pm. It's imperative to know what time your music must be stopped. A neighbor could call police and shut down your party. Notify your neighbors!

·    Landscaping: Is the yard looking it's best? Guests will mingle around and have the opportunity to look at every nook and cranny. Since it will be featured in every photo, make sure it's all dressed up for the party.

·    Delivery Access: Will all of your vendors have clear access to the ceremony and reception area? Deliveries will begin as early as the day before the event. Make sure your driveway is clear and there is enough room to bring in all necessary items.

·    Access to Power and Water: Do you have enough electrical power to accommodate lighting and entertainment systems? Have an electrician come to the home and give you an accurrate assessment. You may need to install more lines or risk blowing the breaker. The power going out on your first dance, is not the memory you want.

These are only a few of the points to consider. Make sure you hire a wedding coordinator that is experienced in home weddings. It will be the difference between a successful event, and a possible disaster.

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  1. Great Article Wedding Jeannie! You are spot on with the advice. The other thing many fail to consider is the cost of rentals, lighting. Thank You for the information! Doyle from my flower guy!